Frequently Asked Questions

Procedures & Curriculum

How do the teachers and staff relay the children’s daily activities, progress etc to their parents?

Our teachers fill out Daily Sheets every day for our White, Green and Red Stars. Naps, food intake, bathroom routines, needed supplies and notes about your child will be provided daily.

What is STEM?

STEM is a curriculum based on the idea of educating students in four specific disciplines — science, technology, engineering and mathematics — in an interdisciplinary and applied approach.

What are “specials”?

Specials are our extras we offer our students, such as fine arts, fit kids, cooking and music.

Do you take the kids on field trips?

For safety reasons, Morning Star does not take “bus” field trips, we bring the field trips to us! Each year, we bring a variety of educational and entertaining resources to our children:

  • Omaha Fire Department
  • Guest Readers
  • Parent Volunteers
  • Douglas County Extension
  • Rose Theatre
  • Poison Prevention Program
  • Wildlife Encounters
  • Omaha Children’s Museum
  • Henry Doorly Zoo
  • Omaha Public Library
  • Friendship Tea
  • Chris Short Puppet Show
  • Omaha Food Bank
  • St. Jude’s

Where can I find the calendar of school events?

For this months activities, you can always access our calendar here. You should also receive a monthly email with the newsletter and calendar.

Food, Meals and Snacks

How do you handle food allergies?

We will do everything within our means to alter menus when a food allergy requires an epi-pen.

Are there any food restrictions at the center?

Morning Star is a nut-free facility.

How are meals served at Morning Star?

Here at Morning Star all children eat together family style and our children are encouraged to serve themselves. This is a wonderful opportunity for social interaction and to learn about appropriate table manners.

How are meals prepared?

Our meals and snacks are prepared in our own kitchen. By preparing our own meals, we have the opportunity to respond to the needs and favorites of the children.

Where can I get an updated meal menu?

Menus are emailed to parents in our monthly newsletter and posted on the parent board. Extra menus are also placed on the parent board.

Birthdays and Special Events

Do you celebrate birthdays? Can I bring in treats?

Yes, we believe birthdays are a special experience for children! We encourage parents to bring in special treats for their child and their friends.

What is Mayfest?

Mayfest is our annual fundraising event. We invite all of our families to come and enjoy a night of fun and games.