Getting to Know Ms. Alex

Getting to Know… is part of our Teacher and Staff Spotlight series. Each week we will shine the spotlight one of our classroom teachers, allowing them to share some of their stories, their interests and their favorites with us. We hope our teacher spotlights will help our Morning Star parents and families further engage with our teachers, as well as give them a more personal idea of who is teaching and caring for their children during their days with us.

This week we are getting to know Mrs. Alex!

If you have a little in the Green Star room, this week’s teacher in the spotlight is a familiar, always-smiling face. Ms. Alex, previously one of our fabulous teachers in the Green Star caterpillars room, is now joining the Red Star room with Ms. Courtney. 

Ms. Alex is an Omaha native and like many people we know, her favorite childhood memory is baking with her Grandma, who also raised her to be the woman she is today. As a small child, Alex recalls wanting to be a teacher, a nurse and Scar from The Lion King. Boy are we happy teaching won out!

Alex will receive her Child Development Association license this year and then plans to finish up her associate’s degree. When asked why she chose to teach, she says, “Early childhood is very important to me. This is the foundation of every kid’s learning.” We couldn’t agree more. We’re so lucky to have her as part of the Morning Star family.

Ms. Alex’s favorite Morning Star memory was playing Star Wars with the Caterpillars and having epic play battles with the kids. If she could give her students any piece of advice to live by she would tell them “mistakes happen – it’s what you learn from them”. We’d like to think that’s a byproduct of a lesson Ms. Alex says she learned here at Morning Star, “to go with the flow”.

When she’s not studying or working, you can find Alex watching anime and kdramas, sewing or exploring cool places to eat. And at all times, she’s living by one motto: You don’t always get what you want but if you try sometimes, you get what you need. We didn’t ask if she’s a Rolling Stones fan but something tells us she might be.

We’re so happy to have Alex as part of our Morning Star family and can’t wait to watch her grow!