Getting to Know Ms. April

Getting to Know… is part of our new Teacher and Staff Spotlight series. Each week we will shine the spotlight one of our classroom teachers, allowing them to share some of their stories, their interests and their favorites with us. We hope our teacher spotlights will help our Morning Star parents and families further engage with our teachers, as well as give them a more personal idea of who is teaching and caring for their children during their days with us. This week we are getting to know Ms. April!

Ms. April has been in Morning Star family for almost one year but it feels like much longer! As our Toddler and Preschool Coordinator, Ms. April has the unique opportunity to be in touch with most of our parents on a weekly basis via emails, while working behind the scenes to assist our teachers with lesson planning.

As the Toddler and Preschool Coordinator Ms. April uses the Nebraska Early Learning Guidelines along with her knowledge of each teacher’s personality to design all Green Star, Purple Star, Red Star and Orange Star lesson plans. Each week, Ms. April meets with our lead teachers to plan and each day, she sets up all of our Green, Purple, Red and Orange Star classrooms with the children’s daily materials. She really is our teachers’ go-to person for every day needs and requests and our teachers who have nothing but great things to say about her addition to the Morning Star Family.

Ms. April is the fourth generation within her family to grow up in Bellevue, Nebraska. She is one of two children raised by a single mother and she’s still very close to her family. Growing up she loved taking family road trips and her favorite place to visit was the Black Hills. As a little girl, April dreamed of someday becoming President. Now, she can’t stand politics.

After high school, Ms. April received her Associate’s Degree in early childhood education from Metro and then attended Bellevue University. There, she earned her Bachelor’s in Early Childhood Program Management as well as a Bachelor’s in Behavioral Science. When asked why she chooses to teach, April says, “I love the moment when children finally get a concept. That light bulb moment.” That’s one of our favorites, too.

We’re so lucky to have Ms. April, not only because of the education and experience she brings but the love she brings to work. When asked what she loves about Morning star, she credits the children — as most of our teachers do. “The bright smiles from the kids.” And even though she hasn’t been with us long, she does have a favorite memory. “Experiencing my first preschool graduation. It was a proud moment.”

Ms. April says being at Morning Star has taught her to be more flexible. “There are lots of different personalities to juggle.” But when asked what she admires most in her students, she says they all have one thing in common. “Their willingness to explore new things.” If she could give our students any advice she’d tell them to have no regrets, to take risks in life. And if she had to pick one motto she lives by, it’d be one day at a time.

In her spare time, you can find April scrapbooking, reading, taking trips to the dog park with her three fur babies or binge watching Netflix. And outside of teaching, if she could do anything now, April would love to open an animal rescue just to play with dogs all day. That’s not a day dream we can argue with!

We’re so lucky to have Ms. April as part of our staff and we can’t wait to watch her grow!