Getting to Know Ms. Kathy

Getting to Know… is part of our new Teacher and Staff Spotlight series. Each week we will shine the spotlight one of our classroom teachers, allowing them to share some of their stories, their interests and their favorites with us. We hope our teacher spotlights will help our Morning Star parents and families further engage with our teachers, as well as give them a more personal idea of who is teaching and caring for their children during their days with us. This week we are getting to know Ms. Kathy G!

Ms. Kathy has been part of the Morning Star family for seven years working primarily with our younger students. This year, Kathy is our Green Star Butterflies Assistant teacher. Aren’t our Green Stars so lucky?

Ms. Kathy was born in Omaha but spent her early childhood growing up in Texas. Her early memories are laced with sunny summers in southern Texas, days spent playing on the beaches of Padre Island and visits to her Grandma’s Mexican restaurant. Today, she calls Texas – where her father and extended family still reside – her second home, visiting annually.

As a little girl Ms. Kathy dreamed of becoming a teacher on an Indian Reservation and while it’s not quite the same, we’re happy Kathy landed at Morning Star teaching our students. When asked what she loves most about working at Morning Star, Ms. Kathy praises the kids and families, as well as our program. “The whole program is so geared towards them both in such a positive way.” Being a teacher is ingrained in Ms. Kathy. “I love, LOVE the children. It is such a true joy to be with them.”

Her favorite Morning Star memory ranks up there with so many of ours. “Working with miss CiCi. She taught me a lot in every sense of the way. She made me a much better teacher and oh, the laughs!” We couldn’t agree more.

With our teacher spotlights, we always like to ask our teachers what they have learned while working at Morning Star. Ms. Kathy has learned it really does take a village. And when it comes to what she’s learned about herself she says, “I have great stamina! I have stamina because I don’t tire being with the children and I really enjoy what I do” adding, “I might never retire!”

As for what advice she’d give her students, Ms. Kathy would tell the students to strive to be happy. “Look for the good in all situations. Laugh at yourself. And remember, God loves you.” Her advice isn’t far from her life motto, “Smile – Pray – Roll (with it)”. “Whenever my husband and I are in a funky situation, we will look at each other, take an arm and making a waving motion. Roll with it.”

Outside of work, you can find Kathy tending to her flower gardens or riding co-captain with her husband, Chuck, on their Harley. Kathy and Chuck are members of Bikers for Christ (BFC) and Chuck is their chapter President.

We are so happy and lucky to have Ms. Kathy as part of our Morning Star family.