Looking Ahead in 2018

We wrapped up 2017 in the best way possible, by becoming the first and ONLY child care center, infant through PreK, to qualify for a 5 rating by the Nebraska initiative Step Up to Quality. Where do you go when you’re a 5? Good question.

As we look ahead into 2018, the pressure is on but we have a lot of exciting plans and goals on the horizon. And we’re ready to embrace the challenge of being at the top.

This year, we will work to continue and improve upon the countless hours of hard work, additional training and attention to detail that went into obtaining a five. We will strive to maintain and build upon our close connections and relationships with our students, as well as aim to bring in more on-site learning experiences.

This year will also bring some wonderful building improvements from Morning Star Lutheran Church. We will be getting new windows, new electronic HV systems and a new roof! We are anxiously looking forward to these improvements since they  will without a doubt increase the quality and stability of our learning environment.

One of our goals in 2018 is to focus on the attributes that make Morning Star unique and determine how these could be stronger. One of those attributes is the fact that we design and create our own curriculum. Currently, our curriculum is individually designed for each classroom by our program coordinators (Marilyn, infants; Cindy, toddlers; April, PreSchool). As many of you know, our beloved Cindy will be retiring at the end of this month. As soon as she announced this last year we started looking for someone to carry the torch and later last year we hired April Mather.

Since April started with us she has been successfully designing and writing our curriculum. This month she began working with the Green Stars. She has a strong background with Westside Early Childhood and holds three different Early Childhood Degrees. April, while maybe not a familiar face yet, has been doing a great job and, as you may have noticed, been busy engaging with our parents via email. Communication is very important within our program. When it comes to teaching, recognizing individual interests, learning styles and effective methods of engagement are immensely important. It is now April’s job is to make sure we’re gauging these and implementing curriculum that successfully takes into account all three.

2018 is already underway and we’re excited to see where it takes us and our Morning Star families!