Frequently Asked Questions

What steps should I take to register my child at Morning Star?
Please fill out our Tour Request Form to set up a tour. Submitting the Tour Request Form and requesting a tour is the first step in becoming a part of the Morning Star family. Registration forms, prices and more information will be given during your tour.

What can I expect on my tour?
During your tour you will see the facilities, including the classrooms and depending on the time of day, you may meet a few of the teachers. We will discuss your child and fit, our curriculum, our specials, lesson plans, ELGs, our schedules, tuition and registration fees. Come prepared with questions, we’ll be ready to answer!

Should I bring my child to tour with me?
That’s completely up to you; your child is welcome to join you if you’d like. However, after you enroll we do recommend you bring your child to see the center and meet his teachers.

What does tuition include?
Our child care rates reflect monthly costs. These charges include breakfast, lunch, afternoon snacks, sunscreen and all age-appropriate specials. Child care charges are billed according to the schedule contracted in the Terms of and Letter of Agreement you will sign.

I know in Nebraska only one person in the center is required to be CPR certified, what percentage of your staff is CPR certified?
Every single staff member of Morning Star Preschool & Child Care Center is certified in Infant and Pediatric First Aid and CPR. In addition, all staff is required to have  background check and is verified with the DHHS Central Registry.

What makes Morning Star different than other Preschool and Childcare centers?
A Morning Star, learning through play is the heart of our curriculum. We place emphasis on helping children interact, cooperate and grow together in community. We have fostered a healthy environment for children to learn problem solving skills and explore the world around them, all while getting individual care in a group setting. In addition, we have an open door policy and welcome our parents at any time of the day

How do you handle food allergies?
We will do everything within our means to alter menus when a food allergy requires an epi-pen. Morning Star is a completely nut-free facility.

Are there any food restrictions at the center?
Morning Star is a nut-free facility, this includes coconut products.

How are meals served at Morning Star?
Here at Morning Star all children eat together family style and our children are encouraged to serve themselves. This is a wonderful opportunity for social interaction and to learn about appropriate table manners.

How are meals prepared?
Our meals and snacks are prepared in our own kitchen. By preparing our own meals, we have the opportunity to respond to the needs and favorites of the children.

How is discipline handled at Morning Star?
Like adults, children make mistakes. It is through their mistakes that they learn and that we help them learn. Simply, our discipline policy is one that seeks to promote positive behavior using methods appropriate to the age of the child. Redirection, modeling and guidance form the core of the discipline policy, not punishment. For the youngest children who are not yet using language, redirection is the most often used method. As soon as children are able to use language, they are taught to identify their feelings and use language or words to solve conflict or problems. Children then will learn how to control their own behavior and solve their own problems.

What is S.T.E.M?
S.T.E.M is a curriculum based on the idea of educating students in four specific disciplines — science, technology, engineering and mathematics — in an interdisciplinary and applied approach.

What are “specials”?
Each day our program offers something unique and Special  to our students. Introducing children to exciting and positive transitions throughout the building. Transitions are typically difficult for a young child, but their future educational programs will be filled with change. An additional bonus, since our Specials are taught in-house, our children grow up being familiar with teachers of different age groups. Familiarity with different teachers creates self-awareness and confidence. We have S.T.E.M, Chapel Time, Music, Fit Kids, Cooking and Fine Arts.

Do you take the kids on field trips?
For safety reasons, we bring the field trips to us! Each year, we bring a variety of educational and entertaining resources to our children:

  • Omaha Fire Department
  • Guest Readers
  • Parent Volunteers
  • Douglas County Extension
  • Rose Theatre
  • Poison Prevention Program
  • Wildlife Encounters
  • Omaha Children’s Museum
  • Henry Doorly Zoo
  • Omaha Public Library
  • Friendship Tea
  • Chris Short Puppet Show
  • Omaha Food Bank
  • St. Jude’s

What is Mayfest?
Mayfest is our annual fundraising event when we get to get all of our families together for fun, games, food and music. Our families love Mayfest.