Our Students

Itty Bitty Babies
6 weeks of age – 10 months old*

In this classroom, the child grows independently in a range of developmentally appropriate activities, routines and tasks (tummy time, self-feeding, etc.). They explore the environment freely with loving and caring supervision. Teachers and parents work together, individual care in a group setting.

We love stroller rides!

Crawlers & Walkers

10 months to 20 months*

Babies learn quickly at this age and are ready for a more active and mobile classroom.

Activities are implemented to build skills in coordination, balance and body awareness in a safe and supportive environment indoor and outdoors. Infants develop the fine muscles in their hands before they develop the ability to speech. All of our infant teachers are qualified to teach baby sign language – a way for children to communicate before they can speak.

It’s so fun, easy, and effective to sign with a baby!

We love to read!

Toddlers – Caterpillars

Beginning at 18 months*

 Through imagination and interactive play, these children use initiative, curiosity and persistence to learn about the world. Toddlers love to move, and are aware of themselves and their surroundings. They are busy using all their senses and learning to explore in a whole new way! Teachers facilitate their learning to help them get more out of each and every experience. A toddlers natural appreciation of song and rhythm will be developed with finger plays, flannel boards and their participation in the Spring Musical. Our Toddlers will be introduced to our Move & Groove Special to develop gross motor skills.

Mud Day!

Toddlers – Butterflies
24 months*

Need activities and settings that are interesting to the Toddler, helps develop the child’s potential. Their desire to explore new objects and people is increasing. At this age, children are learning to work independently and take control over themselves and others. In addition to these physical accomplishments, toddlers are developing in other ways. We provide opportunities for your Toddler to explore, ask questions, use his or her imagination. Social and Emotional training is beginning as Toddlers are transitioning from parallel play to  Associative Play. Art is a favorite activity for our Toddlers while we are developing fine motor skills.

It is especially important to promote growth and learning in all developmental areas for toddlers.

We love singing and dancing at our Spring concert!

Cubs and Bears

3 years and older

Experience through play, knowledge, curiosity and sense of wonder are foundations of the Red Stars preschool classroom. The curriculum and activities create a learning environment to develop cognitive, physical growth, social and emotional. These children are entering the fourth and last level of play, Cooperative Play. Teachers help guide the child through social graces with activities like our Friendship Tea, Pet Parade, interactive play and dramatic play tools like puppets! Red Stars are involved in these specials: Move & Groove, Rhythm and Music, Music, Spanish, and Cooking!  The Nativity, Spring Musical and a well-rounded program builds self confidence and pride!

We love outdoor play!


Preschoolers are active, talkative and creative. They are all eager for new experiences and have gained many skills that help them learn. Preschoolers are very social and are mastering cooperative play, team building  and problem solving skills that will be vital during their next educational experiences.   Many of the activities in this classroom help prepare Orange Stars for Kindergarten. Participating in the following specials help develop social, cognitive and physical skills: Move & Groove, Spanish, Music, Cooking, Rhythm and Music, the Nativity Play and then closing their Morning Star program with a Graduation Ceremony.

Our goal is to creative a passion for learning, build self confidence and exert problem solving skills.

Loving to Pretend!

We love to play pretend!



School-Age Program

School age children are accepted on non-school days, depending on Center availability. Our Summer Fun Program for school age runs throughout the summer. The summer program consists of field trips, speakers, and art. Our goal is to bridge the school year with exciting adventures that keep our children stimulated and entertained the educational experiences.

 * Age varies for individual children and varies with attachment and what is developmentally appropriate

Helping Noah save the animals

Helping Noah save the animals