The Scientific Cause of Sudden Toddler Meltdowns

We’ve all been caught up in the ever-changing whirlwind of our toddler’s emotions. Meltdowns can happen over the smallest – and strangest – things. It can be difficult to know what’s happening in their little, rapidly evolving brains but Elizabeth Preston’s article, The Scientific Cause of Sudden Toddler Meltdowns does a wonderful job explaining the three-year old meltdown.

She writes, “As much as it may feel like your toddler is the world’s least rational human, there are scientific reasons for this unpredictability. Understanding what’s going on in your kid’s head can help you teach them to handle their feelings—or, at the very least, keep you from ending up crying on the floor yourself.”

Scientific reasons? We know, it can be hard believe there’s much science behind a child crying and screaming hysterically over being handed a sippy cup of the wrong color. But there is and understanding what that reasoning is, can be beneficial to parents in those helpless moments.

” Kids are born with different temperaments—some are highly reactive, while others are more mellow and can go with the flow. No matter where your child falls on the meltdown meter, there are ways you can deal with overwhelming emotions.”

If you have a three-year old at home who’s hot and cold behavior baffles you or even a soon-to-be three year old with a flourishing personality, or simply an interest in learning more about child development we recommend reading the full article here.