Why Morning Star?

The parents who have chosen Morning Star are the best people to ask “Why Morning Star?”

"We choose Morning Star Preschool because of the staff's dedication to early childhood development and care. We have been with the school for a year now and cannot imagine sending our daughters anywhere else. The curriculum and focus on social and emotional development help our girls thrive."

Machaela Cavanaugh Green and Red Star Mom August 1, 2017

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The first five years of a child’s life are most critical for brain growth and development. It is during these early years, “the learning years,” that the foundation for future success and learning is built. Children develop essential school-readiness skills, such as the ability to be attentive and follow directions during these primary years. Children who participate in high-quality early childhood education programs develop better language skills, score higher on school-readiness tests and have more effective social skills and fewer behavioral problems once they enter school. Early education enhances what a child learns at home and instills a love of lifelong learning.

Every year we have the same goals for our children. These goals are a great example of who Morning Star is, what’s important to us and the type of impact we aim to have on our children:

  •  Our Children will develop a positive view of themselves and others.
  •  Our Children will develop a love of learning.
  •  Our Children will develop an appreciation for the differences among people
  •  Our Children will  learn how to cooperate and be a positive member of a community.
  •  Our Children will develop skills to prepare them for success at the next level of learning.

We’ve created a learning environment characterized by a high level of cooperation, collaboration and communication amongst all who participate – such that children, parents and teachers flourish and thrive amid a high degree of humility and humanity and are sustained by the ability to see the lighter side of things so none take themselves too seriously. Children are masters at this.

Our staff is trained and determined to provide your child/children with a safe physical environment and an atmosphere where he/she/they can feel both secure and free to grow at his/her/their own pace under love and guidance.